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Workshop Google Analytics – A to Z

Workshop Google Analytics  A to Z

Google Analytics is a very powerful tool that, with the right setup, will be able to provide you with valuable information that will contextualise future decisions. With it, you can assess your digital strategy in different communication channels and analyse the target-audience you are attracting to cause an impact on your business and meet your goals.

This Google Analytics training course offers a fast track to acquiring knowledge in the company of our senior instructor Jorge Cunha.

We decided on a workshop format to balance theory and practice in class.

Our approach stems from the deep knowledge we have of digital business and the Google Analytics tool, and the projects we have successfully implemented for national reference customers (e.g., Media Capital Digital, ANACOM, Brisa, Montepio Crédito, among others).

The satisfaction of our trainees (please see testimonials) is reflected not only in the methodology we use but also in the transmission of knowledge about Google Analytics as a tool and the expertise that is transferred to those trainees.



– History and evolution of Web Analytics tools

– Website types (lead, e-commerce, support, rich media)

– How does tracking work and how are page views counted by Google Analytics 

– Setting up Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager

– Setting up Google Analytics (account; users; properties; views; goals)

– Google Analytics overview

– Co-creating links to campaigns and communication actions (Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.)

– Standard reports and custom reports

– Google Data Studio dashboard

– Basic and advanced segments



1st day 9h30 to 17h30

2nd day 9h30 to 12h30

Dates and Venues

Lisbon, Portugal

Upcoming dates:  TBD


Porto, Portugal

Upcoming dates:  TBD



Early Bird150/VAT Included

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Normal Price180/VAT Included

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Please Note: 10% discount for former trainees!



Jorge Cunha

Mini Bio

Jorge Cunha, Founder and Senior Partner of IT Tech BuZ, a consulting company specialising in Corporate Analytics & Metrics projects and services related to the digital industry.
He has a wide experience in training and consulting, and implementing projects related to digital marketing analytics and metrics.
Graduated from the University of British Columbia where he obtained the ‘Achieving Award of Web Analytics’, he has also been certified by Google Analytics Academy with the title ‘Analytics Individual Certified’ since 2010.
He has been invited to speak at numerous seminars, conferences and workshops to share what he knows about digital marketing metrics and best practices in terms of analysis and monitoring.
He has been invited to lecture as an expert in digital business modules, such as Google Analytics Labs and Clickstream Analysis, among others.

In our latest projects, we have led and shared knowledge with several companies, brands and organisations, namely: ANACOM, Brisa, Via Verde, Media Capital Digital (TVI, TVI24, Maisfutebol, TVI Player), BMW Finance, Montepio Crédito, Hyundai, Prosegur, TOP Atlântico, and many others.





‘Our instructor was capable of sharing his knowledge and catering to the needs of every trainee. Jorge made sure everything went smoothly and we also had lots of fun.’
Fábio Chaves

Excellent training course taught by the instructor Jorge Cunha, an outstanding professional and a reference in the analytics field. I strongly advise this course to anyone who wishes to further their knowledge on web analytics.’
Alexandre Vieira

‘I loved it and recommend it. The instructor’s enthusiasm for this field is contagious and he extends his support and incentive even after the training course is over!’
Vânia Oliveira

‘A training course that is a must for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge on Google Analytics. Jorge Cunha is undoubtedly a great expert in this field and he is a natural at explaining concepts, the platform, methodologies, strategies, illustrating everything with real stories. I highly recommend the work of this professional.’
André Novais de Paula

‘I had great expectations for this workshop and I have to say they were exceeded. I have learned a lot and even though I already had some knowledge of analytics I feel I have evolved a great deal and know that it will help me greatly in my work.’
Daniel Sousa

‘In an age where digital dominates the market, it is virtually impossible not to measure your actions. Knowledge of Analytics is crucial to getting to know your customers and making decisions. Only by aligning the needs of your business with those of your customers, will we be able to offer the best value proposition and consequently grow in a sustained and informed manner.’
Pedro Cardão Pinto

‘Very good balance between theory and practice. Great training course!’
André Carvalho

‘This workshop was very interesting. My knowledge of Google Analytics has highly improved and this has motivated me to continue to explore this topic.’
Sandra Martins

‘A mandatory training course for those who use Google Analytics and want to further their knowledge in this area. Jorge is an expert in the field and you can always count on him to help you solve specific cases. I recommend it!”
Raul Martins

‘In my opinion, this workshop is well organised and well structured, with contents that allow you to update your knowledge and acquire new knowledge.’
Olga Ferrão

‘Jorge Cunha has proven to be extremely efficient in exposing and evaluating the contents of the training sessions, adapting his speech, the examples he chooses and the practical exercises to a heterogeneous audience.’
Márcio Filipe Ferreira Simões


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