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Digital Analytics Services


Digital Analytics Services include:

– Needs analysis

– Framework design and analysis (e.g., What are your goals? Goal-related implementation.)

– Monitoring the KPIs that are important to your business

– Digital marketing campaign analysis and optimisation

– Metrics and analytics plans


Setting up and installing Digital Analytics

Designing an analytical framework for different data sources

Implementing a link and label system for data consistency

Setting up the dashboard with a custom tool


We are prepared to use any tool, particularly Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Trainning Courses

– How to Identify the best digital marketing campaigns

– Digital Marketing Analytics Training Course focusing on analytical tools (Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager)

– Best practices on how to create links

– Best practices on how to use images and links

– How to use a link and label system for data consistency



Nowadays, you can’t possibly contemplate making a decision without access to data and the insights it provides – such as the best campaign, the best channel, the best investment.

We offer the following services: consulting, implementation, and training courses focusing on Digital Analytics, SEO and UX, used in the context of a website to generate leads, e-commerce websites, media websites, customer care.

Designing an analytical framework will allow you to see what you cannot see now – although that information is already available, it is not contextual, i.e., you don’t know what it represents for your business.

We target the performance of your business based on online metrics and optimisation using the best marketing practices.

We encourage you to take full advantage of digital channels and digital platforms.



Talk to us about our Digital Analytics services. See how we address our consulting services on Google Analytics

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