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Audit Google Analytics – A to Z

The Google Analytics audit tool allows you to assess how metrics are being calculated and to make decisions based on high-quality data

Google Analytics

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If you leave Google Analytics metrics, installation and set up to the end of the process, you run the risk of not providing managers with the necessary information to make an informed decision both regarding strategy and the most valuable content. Therefore, we would like to stress that a good Google Analytics configuration is essential for good management.

Questions that we ask frequently from Google Analytics:

– Are page views counted twice?

– What is the main and secondary online conversion rate?

– Are there significant differences between clicks and sessions in marketing campaigns?

– What is the number of forms submitted by potential clients?

– How is the typical visitor characterised (origin, campaign, new, repeated)?

– How many document downloads?

– How many transactions were there, and which company originated them?



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