IT Tech BuZ

About Us

Born in the digital age, IT Tech BuZ is a technological brand/idea, whose aim is to share knowledge about digital channels and develop customer care initiatives, promoting different business areas and improving their respective return on investment.

Our name comes from IT Tech, as in information technologies, and BuZ, reminiscent of business. Creating a buzz is good, but we wish to actually communicate, i.e., to share knowledge and raise awareness for digital marketing.

IT Tech BuZ is a consulting company specialising in Corporate Analytics & Metrics projects and services. We really enjoy aphorisms, so here is our motto: ‘You have to measure so you can manage and decide.’ Since ‘you have to measure so you can manage digital marketing’, we also like the English saying: ‘Make smart decisions using analytics’. Nowadays, given the digital evolution and maturity, we prefer the following motto: ‘Good decisions come from good data’, i.e., only with quality data can you make the best decision.

Our main goals are:

i) helping companies to profit from the different digital marketing tools;
ii) ensuring that metrics and analytics improve the efficiency of digital marketing by creating digital analytical models.


Jorge Cunha

Digital Marketing Analyst | Google Analytics Expert| Digital Outcomes Specialist|

Founder and Senior Partner of IT Tech BuZ, a consulting company specialising in Corporate Analytics & Metrics projects and services related to the digital industry.

He has a wide experience in training and consulting, and implementing projects related to digital marketing analytics and metrics.

Graduated from the University of British Columbia where he obtained the ‘Achieving Award of Web Analytics’, he has also been certified by Google Analytics Academy with the title ‘Analytics Individual Certified’ since 2010.

He has been invited to speak at numerous seminars, conferences and workshops to share what he knows about digital marketing metrics and best practices in terms of analysis and monitoring.
He has been invited to lecture as an expert in digital business modules, such as Google Analytics Labs and Clickstream Analysis, among others.

In our latest projects, we have led and shared knowledge with several companies, brands and organisations, namely: ANACOM, Brisa, Via Verde, Media Capital Digital (TVI, TVI24, Maisfutebol, TVI Player), BMW Finance, Montepio Crédito, Hyundai, Prosegur, TOP Atlântico, entre outras.