Living in the digital age, IT Tech BuZ is a brand/idea directly associated with technology, with the purpose of sharing knowledge about digital channels and developing customer support initiatives, promoting different business areas and increasing their respective investments. The name comes from IT Tech, from information technology, and BuZ, as a form of allusion to business. If creating BuzZ is positive, what we really want is to communicate, share knowledge and open awareness to digital marketing. IT Tech BuZ is a consulting company specialized in Corporate Analytics & Metrics projects and services. Adepts of certain maxims, our motto is: "It is necessary to measure to manage and decide." Being necessary to "Measure to manage digital marketing", we also resorted to the English sentence: "Make Smart decisions with Analytics" Currently, with the evolution and digital maturity, we chose to elect the following maxim: "Tying good Data with Decisions", i.e., only with quality data, it is possible to make the best decision.

We define as our main goals:

that companies make good use of the various tools of digital marketing

that measurement and analysis allow you to improve the effectiveness of digital marketing, through the creation of Digital Analytics analysis models

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talk with us! 

talk with us! 

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