Google Analytics 4 Training

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Investiment: 200€ (+ VAT )

Date: 9th of April at 2:30 pm and 11th of April at 2:30 pm (GMT Lisbon)


People who have some basic knowledge and it’s ideal for marketers who want to be very proactive with Google Analytics 4

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Master Google Analytics 4 in 7 Hours with Our Intensive Course!

  • Introduction to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
  • GA4 Setup
  • Report Analysis
  • Events and Conversions
  • Audience Segmentation and Report Customization
  • GA4 and other marketing tools
  • Best Practices and Tips for Efficient Use of GA4
Please note that we can change from Portuguese to english if our audience requires.

Why choose our intensive course?

Let's see ... ✋????

  • Time efficient: In just one day, you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to use Google Analytics 4 effectively. his is a practical, results-oriented course that values your time.
  • Practical Learning: Theory is important, but practice is essential. Our course is designed to provide you with a hands-on experience with Google Analytics 4, preparing you to immediately apply what you have learned in your job.
  • Guidance from an Expert: Learn from experienced professionals who are in the field and understand the needs of modern marketers. Receive tips and tricks from experts who know how to maximize the efficiency of Google Analytics 4.
  • Long-term Benefits: Improve your data analysis skills, optimize your marketing campaigns, and guide your strategies based on concrete insights and reliable data.Sign up today and take a significant leap in your marketing career. with our Intensive Google Analytics 4 Course!

About the training

Google Analytics It’s a very powerful tool that, when well configured, can extract valuable information that will contextualize the decisions you will make. In this way, you can evaluate whether the digital strategy you are using across different communication channels is attracting and impacting the target audience in a way that helps you achieve your goals

The Google Analytics training offers a fast track to acquiring knowledge, along with our Senior trainer. Jorge Cunha.

We opted for a Workshop format so that the training has a balance between theory and practice

Our approach stemmed from the deep understanding of the digital business and the Google Analytics tool and the implementations we have done for nationally recognized clients such as (Media Capital Digital, ANACOM, Brisa, Montepio Crédito, among others).

The satisfaction of our trainees (see testimonials) is reflected not only in the methodology, but also in the knowledge transfer, not only of Google Analytics as a tool, but also of the experience that is passed on to the trainees.

About the Trainer

Jorge Cunha s the Founder and Manager of IT Tech BuZ, a consultancy specializing in projects and services for Corporate Analytics & Metrics related to the digital industry.

Docente convidado em diferentes Universidades para o módulo Google Analytics, inserido no Executive Master em Digital Marketing.

In his most recent projects in this area, he has been leading and sharing knowledge with various companies, brands, and organizations, namely: ANACOM, Brisa, Via Verde, Media Capital Digital, Montepio Crédito, among others.

Co-Autor do Livro Digital Marketing & E-Commerce #3 – Web Analytics and Metrics for Social Networks – February 2020 at sale at major book stores in Portugal FNAC And Wook

Soube transmitir o conteúdo de acordo com as necessidades dos formandos. O Jorge garantiu que nada falhasse, e ainda fez com nos divertissemos!

Fábio Chaves

Excelente formação com o formador Jorge Cunha um grande profissional e referência na área de Analytics. Recomendo a todos os profissionais que queiram evoluir os seus conhecimentos na área de analítica web.

Alexandre Vieira

Adorei e recomendo. O gosto que o formador têm pela área é contagiante e o seu apoio e incentivo pós-formação é muito bom!

Vânia Oliveira

Uma formação imprescindível para quem pretende melhorar os seus conhecimentos em Google Analytics. O Jorge Cunha é sem dúvida um grande especialista nesta área e consegue de uma forma muito natural explicar os conceitos, a plataforma, as metodologias, as estratégias e ilustrar tudo com exemplos reais. Recomendo vivamente o trabalho deste profissional

André Novais de Paula

Tinha grande expectativas sobre o workshop e foram superadas. Aprendi bastante e mesmo já tendo algumas bases no Analytics, senti que evolui bastante e que será uma grande ajuda no meu trabalho.

Daniel Sousa
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