Data-Driven Marketing Solutions

Data-Driven Marketing Solutions

In a world where information and knowledge are a precious resource, the ability to organize, analyze and draw conclusions based on data takes on crucial importance. If you are a digital marketing professional and are looking to take your strategy to the next level, we have the solution that will allow you to go further: our consulting, implementation, and training services to accompany you in these disruptive and exciting times, but which have a demanding degree of complexity.

  • We have designed our Reporting and Insights service with you, the marketing professional, in mind. Our goal is to provide an easy-to-use format, with the information that allows you to make informed decisions.
  • Data integration allows enriching and consolidating information about the customer that would otherwise be scattered This enhances context and the possibility of better serving the customer (cross-sell and up-sell), thus bringing a return on investment.
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) services allow optimizing the investment made in integration and focusing on solutions more closely tied to the business. Don’t lose customers who have a high CLTV through targeted campaigns powered by Artificial Intelligence.

01. Reporting & Insights

Our Reporting service is not just another data analysis tool that will guide you through the ocean of information your business produces every day.

You will have at your fingertips an instant view of your campaign performance, allowing you to identify opportunities, recognize trends, and make informed decisions.

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02. Data integration

The data integration service allows, for example, to connect Google Analytics 4 and your customer and loyalty data (CRM), as well as other data.

Greater knowledge of your audience (first party) will allow you to adjust your strategies and even understand your customer’s needs and get ahead of an increasingly competitive market.

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03. Artificial Intelligence

Working with integrated data, we will be able to identify use cases (churn, recommendation, purchase probabilities, Market Basket Analysis, among other use cases that have the potential to buy, or not.

Developing these use cases with Machine Learning and Google Cloud will enhance media activation and Marketing Automation through audience creation.

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