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Understanding new Data Retention Controls in Google Analytics 4: Event and User Data Management

Google Analytics has introduced enhanced data retention controls, offering more flexibility and compliance with data management policies. These changes primarily affect how long event and user data are stored and how they are accessed and managed within the platform.

Key Features of New Data Retention Controls:

  1. Customizable Data Retention Periods: Users can now choose how long their event and user data are retained before automatic deletion. Options range from 2 months to 50 months(see note below). This allows organizations to align data retention with their privacy policies and regulatory requirements.
  2. Impact on Reporting: Data retention settings apply to user-level and event-level data associated with cookies, user identifiers, and advertising identifiers. It’s important to note that these settings do not affect most standard aggregated reporting, which remains accessible beyond the chosen data retention period.
  3. Reset on New Activity: The retention period resets with each new event or user activity. This means that the data will be retained for the set period from the last activity date, ensuring active users’ data remains available for analysis.
  4. User and Event Data Deletion: Google Analytics also allows the deletion of data on demand, giving organizations control over data removal beyond the automatic retention settings.
image from Google Analytics 4 Standard   Admin page for data retention on event data and user data

Implications for Businesses:

  • Compliance: Businesses can better comply with data protection regulations (such as GDPR) by setting appropriate data retention periods.
  • Data Management: Organizations must balance between retaining enough data for meaningful analysis and not holding onto data longer than necessary.
  • Privacy: The new controls enhance privacy management, allowing businesses to demonstrate transparency and control over data handling.


The new data retention controls in Google Analytics empower businesses to manage event and user data more effectively and compliantly. By understanding and configuring these settings, organizations can ensure they meet regulatory requirements while still harnessing valuable insights from their analytics data.

Please note that Data retention periods on the image refer to Google Analytics 4 standard can go up to 14th months for Google Analytics 4 360 can go up to 50th months

For more detailed guidance on configuring data retention settings in Google Analytics, visit the official support page at Google Analytics Help.

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