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Create Digital Marketing Strategies with GA4 360’s Roll-Up Feature: A Game Changer for Multi-website and App’s connecting to GMP.

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, GA4 360’s roll-up feature is a required tool for marketers and decision-makers. To enable the aggregation of data across multiple GA4 properties, offering a consolidated view of the customer journey. This functionality is particularly beneficial for businesses managing several websites or apps, providing a holistic overview of their digital footprint.

GA4 360’s roll-up feature represents a significant advancement for businesses managing multiple digital properties. It offers a comprehensive, efficient, and customizable approach to media activation on Google Ads and campaign data analysis with BigQuery. However, consider the technical, financial, and strategic implications to fully leverage its benefits.

Benefits of Using GA4 360 Roll-Up’s:

  • Insights: Roll-up in GA4 360 gather data from various properties into a single property. This integration allows for a streamlined analysis of user behaviour across different platforms, essential for creating digital strategies.
  • Segmentation and Comparison: Easily compare performance across different properties. This is invaluable for understanding which areas are excelling and which require more focus.
  • Time Efficiency: By consolidating data, time spent on data analysis is significantly reduced, enabling quicker decision-making and strategy implementation.

Considerations for Implementing Roll-Up in GA4 360:

  • Data Collection: It’s crucial to have a clear plan for data common dataLayer and event structure.
  • Media activation: Consider your plan to have digital ecosystem tied together.
  • Data Complexity: The aggregation of data from multiple sources can lead to complexity in analysis.
  • Cost Implication: GA4 360 is a premium service, so consider the cost-benefit ratio for your organization.
  • Technical Expertise: Setting up and managing roll-up properties requires a good understanding of GA4. Ensure your team has the necessary skills or consider training.
  • Data Privacy Compliance: When consolidating data from multiple sources, adhere to data privacy laws and regulations.

Action Steps:

  1. Evaluate Needs: Assess if roll-up properties align with your strategic goals.
  2. Plan Setup: Define which properties to include and how data should be segmented.
  3. Implement and Test: Set up the roll-up property in GA4 360 and test for data accuracy.
  4. Train Team: Ensure your team is adept at using GA4 360 for maximum benefit.

Example configuration:

To set up a roll-up configuration in GA4 360 and GA4 properties for three websites (,,, where one property serves as a catch-all for all websites and the other three are for each website individually, follow these steps:

GA4 360 Roll-Up Configuration:

  • Create Individual Properties:
    • First, establish a GA4 property for each of the three websites.
  • Set Up a Roll-Up Property: In GA4 360, create a new roll-up property.
    • This roll-up property will aggregate data from the individual properties of each website.
  • Configure Data Streams:
    • Add data streams from each website to the roll-up property, ensuring correct mapping to each individual property.
  • Understand Billing Implications:
    • Be aware that events pushed to roll-ups in GA4 are billable, counting as half of a billable event. This will affect your monthly usage fees for GA4 360​​.
    • Conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine if the convenience of roll-up properties outweighs the additional cost​​.


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