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In the modern marketing ecosystem, understanding and acting upon the behaviour and preferences of your audience is the path for better decisions. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) has evolved to become the right tool in a marketer’s toolbox, offering a full set of features to analyse user interactions. Among these features, Segments and Audiences hold a special place owing to their capability to fine-tune data analysis and facilitate targeted marketing efforts with connection to audiences in Google Marketing Platform (GMP) like Google Ads. Let’s delve into the nuances of using Segments and Audiences in GA4, shedding light on how they can be instrumental in achieving business outcomes through informed marketing decisions. Just to making a one that Audiences and Segments are top features that can tackle connection between Analytics tools and Activation tools directly in GMP.

Segments in GA4

Segments in GA4 enable marketers to isolate and analyse groups of users based on specific criteria such as demographics, on-site behaviour, or channel. Unlike Universal Analytics, GA4 segments are applied can be used across Explorer, offering a more flexible and comprehensive analysis.


  1. Cross-Platform Analysis: With the “Explorer”, segments can be utilised across various reports, making the analysis more coherent and integrated.
  2. Customisation: The ability to create custom segments based on a wide range of criteria provides a personalised analysis landscape.

Take in consideration:

  1. Learning Curve: Marketers familiar with Universal Analytics may find the new segment setup in GA4 to be a learning curve. (see our training webinar Fast Track Google Analytics 4, or contact us for a taylor made training)
  2. Limited Historical Data: At the onset, GA4 segments may have limited historical data, affecting longitudinal analysis.


Create a segment to be used on Explorations to see for behaviours for repeated purchasers and use with different explorations techniques like cohort to understand and improve the sales cycle in days. 

Audiences in GA4

Audiences in GA4 are groups of users that you intend to re-engage through advertising or other marketing strategies. Unlike segments, audiences are built with the intention of being used across Google’s marketing products like Google Ads. Your rules for segmentation can be used to build an audience and let you see visually What is the dimension of the audience and you can create a conversion when the user enters on the rules of the audience including the use of custom dimensions and metrics. 


  1. Predictive Metrics: GA4 offers predictive metrics to identify high-value audiences, optimising marketing ROI, special for ecommerce (churn, purchase)
  2. Long-Term Retention: The audiences in GA4 are geared towards long-term user retention through smarter remarketing in Google Ads mitigating the cookie less.
  3. Integration with Google Ecosystem: Seamless integration with other Google marketing products for more coherent marketing strategies.

Take in consideration:

  1. Complexity: Building and managing audiences may require a deeper understanding of GA4, possibly necessitating training or consultation. (contact us!)
  2. Data Privacy Concerns: Given the granular targeting, data privacy and compliance with regional regulations like GDPR is paramount.


We can create an audience named ‘Bathroom Basin Taps,’ based on user behaviour. This audience encompasses users who initiate their browsing journey on a product landing page for a bathroom basin tap, proceed to watch a video on how to change the basin tap, and continue exploring product pages within the same category to find the optimal balance between price and ratings. However, they exit the website without making a purchase.

We can utilise this audience for analysing user behaviour when we make alterations to price, products, or services displayed on the website’s pages to discern what improvements can be made. Furthermore, this audience can be leveraged in Google Ads to target these customers with special promotions.


Employing Segments and Audiences in GA4 is a strategic move towards gaining deeper insights into user behaviour and optimising marketing campaigns. While there’s a learning curve involved, the benefits of tailored marketing strategies and enhanced user engagement are well worth the investment. As a decision-maker, staying on top of the features and capabilities of GA4 is imperative to leverage the full potential of digital marketing analytics in driving business outcomes.

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