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IT Tech BuZ implements Digital Analytics to optimize effectiveness of digital channel content and develop customer satisfaction initiatives, measuring and analyzing so you can make informed decisions.

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Website & App Measurement

This is the first step! Knowing what we are measuring !
Are we measuring the intended goals?
Are measurement plans implemented and documented ?

Reports & Insights

At this stage, the KPIs, in accordance with the measurements taken on the website and app, will allow us to understand the journey of the potential customer, the customer, and the business reality and the objectives that we want to improve

Data Integration

Data integration allows for data enrichment, which will enable us to offer more personalization to the customer and potential customer, as we will be able to build better audiences.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, and particularly Machine Learning (ML), will enable the development of more effective strategies to reduce churn and increase the value of the customer to the organization. Implement and monitor business and digital marketing investment indicators, and more!

Consulting & Implementation

You need support in making marketing investment decisions and in activating customers and potential customers. In addition to support, you need the implementation to be carried out in a way that protects your investment!

  • Information necessary for decision-making
  • Quality Data, to ensure quality in decision-making
  • Implementation to obtain the information necessary for decision-making
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Data-Driven Marketing Services

In a world where information and knowledge are precious resources, the ability to organize, analyze, and draw conclusions based on data takes on crucial importance. If you are a digital marketing professional and are looking to take your strategy to the next level, we have the solution that will allow you to go further: our consulting, implementation, and training services to accompany you in these disruptive and exciting times, but which have a demanding degree of complexity.


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Training is an indispensable topic for organizations aiming to be in the leading group.

The training we provide is suitable for individuals and organizations that understand the value of measurement and the knowledge of data allows them to make smarter decisions, as they have more data and also have human resources with the appropriate training for the organization to have a ‘data-driven’ culture.

Training in analytical tools (Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager, Looker Studio)


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Consent Mode v2, an integral feature of Google Analytics 4, is designed to align tracking practices with user consent. This feature plays a crucial role in how Google Analytics, along with Ads and third-party tags, operate based on the user's consent choices, particularly regarding cookies or app identifiers. It functions in tandem with your Consent Management Platform (CMP) or any custom method for obtaining visitor consent, such as a cookie consent banner. Key characteristics of Consent Mode v2 are noteworthy: It's accessible for websites through Google's global site tag (gtag.js) and Google Tag Manager (GTM), as well as for apps via the Firebase SDK. While Consent Mode v2 is not a Consent Management Platform (CMP) itself, it is instrumental in managing tracking activities according to the levels of consent obtained. In situations where visitors opt out of consent, traditional cookie storage is bypassed. Instead, tags dispatch pings to Google. To compensate for the resulting gaps in data collection, Google employs conversion modeling for websites and behavioral modeling for apps. The latter utilizes machine learning to estimate the actions of users who refuse analytics cookies, drawing upon the behaviors of similar users who consent to them. This nuanced approach by Consent Mode v2 underscores Google's commitment to balancing user privacy with the need for insightful analytics, adapting deftly in an environment where consent is paramount

Navigating the 3rd party Cookie-less Future

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Gogole Analytics 4 Roll ups

Understanding Roll ups in Google Analytics 4 : In GA4 360 or configure in GA4 STD

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Integrating Google Analytics 4 with Your Own Customer Data Platform (CDP): A Game-Changer for Data-Driven Marketing and AI

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GA4 Segments and Audiences

Understanding Segments and Audiences in Google Analytics 4: Your Guide to Smart Analysis & Activation

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IntroductionSegments in GA4Audiences in GA4Conclusion Introduction In the modern marketing ecosystem, understanding and acting upon the behaviour and preferences of your audience is the path for better decisions. Google Analytics…

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