We were at the workshop promoted by Association AIIE about Competitivity


The workshop promoted by Association AIIE about Competitivity


We were at the Workshop promoted by AIIE to talk about optimization and the ROI of Digital Marketing in this workshop we were invited by Dulce Forte with the contribution of José Carlos F.Pereira and Isabel de Araújo Simões.
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Reportagem da revista pontos de vista

This event was the subject of a report on the event that was published in Revista de Pontos de Vista that went out with the Jornal Público on March 3, 2018

Jorge Cunha, Founder and Senior Partner of IT Tech BuZ, consultant specializing in projects and rendering of optimization services based on Corporate Analytics & Metrics related to the digital industry. Yours
was dedicated to the optimization and return of this same: Digital Marketing.
Throughout his approach, the audience was enlightened about the importance of a good online strategy for business success and how to make the most of it. Questions were raised about how to
prepare the companies for the foreign markets, why they should, and how, conduct market studies, build personas and adapt the product to the markets in which they present, taking into account factors such as demographics, culture and traditions. In essence, according to Jorge Cunha, what is essential is to know who we are communicating. Therefore, any campaign should be planned and take into account the definition of objectives, the target audience, content, images and their distribution.
In short, Digital Marketing Management can only be effective if measured!

In this area, we have Google Analytics Training, as well as Services in Digital Analytics, Web Analytics and Digital Analytics Strategy to help companies to monetize their campaigns and investments in Digital Marketing.





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