We are in the Google Data Studio Gallery


We are in the Google Data Studio Gallery

Galeria do Google

We are happy to be in the spotlight in the Google Data Studio Gallery

Google has for some time launched Google Data Studio and made it free to use (one of the versions). Google Data Studio is a reporting and visualization tool.

There are now multiple data sources created by the Google Data Studio user community to further expand its use!

Sometimes questions arise that can be explained such as "What is the difference between Google Analytics and Google Data Studio?"

Answer: They are distinct tools Google Analytics is a web analytics tool, while Google Data Studio is a generator of reports and dashboards, where Google Analytics is a data source and other data sources such as Google Adwords.

When designing a report, a "dashboard" and/or presentation we should reflect which metrics and performance indicators, to help us reflect, we should elaborate the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of the dashboard?
  • What questions will you answer?
  • What is the comparison period?
  • Is it simple to notice?
  • What is the disposition of the information?
  • Who is this Dashboard for?
  • If we answer these questions we will have a dashboard, simple and with the information we need!


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