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We know that the installation of Google Analytics often stays last and is sometimes forgotten! frown

When we need investment and when we ask for it, we do not have a support base to influence with data that we do not have or that do not reflect the reality of the website .wink

Frequently Asked Questions:

- Existe contagem em duplicado de páginas visualizadas?

- What is the main and secondary online conversion rate? (Online conversion rate leads and / or conversion rate from my online store)

- What's the source? (Website, Social Network, Email, Campaign paid and not paid)

- What is the number of submission forms for potential clients? (Source of traffic)

- What is the behavior of the user on the Website? (the medium used in the campaign and touch based)

- What is the number of downloaded documents? 

- What is the number of transactions and what is the source of the campaign?


In our area of specialization we can act (before, during and after the development of web applications or mobile):
  •     In Consulting, Implementation, Training and Analysis

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Document delivery:  Checklist with the main points

Check list Google Analytics - Auditoria


Note: IT Tech BuZ is not tied to Google and is not a company owned by this group of companies. We have certified technicians with the knowledge and experience to audit, implement, train and analyze Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

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