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We want companies to make good use of the various tools of Digital Marketing so we believe that it is necessary to measure in order to decide!

IT Tech BuZ is a brand / idea created with the purpose of putting the knowledge and experiences that we make in the Web. The name comes "IT Tech" of information technologies and BuZ of business or business. We do not intend to make BuzZ, but rather, a communication, that is, to share knowledge and open awareness for Digital Marketing.

We want the measurement and analysis to improve the effectiveness of Digital Marketing through the creation of digital analytics analysis model for using our maxim "Measure to Manage Digital Marketing" and the English version "Make Smart decisions with Analytics"


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Jorge Cunha

Founder and Senior Partner of IT Tech BuZ, consultant specializing in projects and rendering of Corporate Analytics & Metrics services related to the digital industry.
He has extensive experience in the training, consulting and implementation of projects associated with the analysis and measurement component of Digital Marketing.
Graduated from the University of British Columbia with the "Achieving Award of Web Analytics" diploma, he is still certified by Google Analytics Academy in "Analytics Individual Certified" since 2010.
Invited speaker at various seminars, conferences and workshops addressing the specific theme of Digital Marketing measurement and best analytical and monitoring practices.

Guest lecturer at the European University for the module Google Analytics Lab and Clickstream Analysis, inserted in the Executive Master in Digital Marketing.
In its most recent projects in this area, it has been leading and sharing knowledge with several companies, brands and organizations, namely: ANACOM, Delta Q, Brisa, Via Verde, Media Capital Digital, among others.

see more information about me at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jorgecunha


Landline: +351 308 803 293

Rua Henrique de Paiva Couceiro, n.º 10

Venda Nova 

2700-453 Amadora

Lisboa, Portugal

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