Case Study E-commerce Delta Q - 2014

Delta Q manages the Digital in an analytical and innovative way

Delta Q identified the need to improve it´s indicators of business in the digital and centralize them, crossing them with other business data.

For this purpose, Google Analytics and the IT Tech BuZ services, specialized in Consulting and implementation of Web Analytics tools, were selected.

To measure the performance of the Website qualitatively, kpi´s (Key Performance Indicators) were defined has indicators of success.

Relevant information to the management of marketing campaigns and their impact on online sales can be organized through the segmentation of the visitors of the campaigns, and key performance indicators (KPI) such as:

  • Conversion Rate            
  • Average Value per Transaction

-          Online Satisfaction Rate

-          Return on Marketing Investment

-          Sale Value per Visit

-          Abandon Rate of Shopping Cart

-          Number of Heavy Buyers

-          Number of days to complete the Transaction

The implementation of the digital analytics concluded:

            “The indicators in the management of digital marketing are key elements to improve our performance allowing us to provide a service of excellence, since it enables us to enhance our tools according to the needs of our customers.”

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